AGR 00001
Published On: 05/17/2018

Question: The interim summary RFP document notes that it will consider bids from resources smaller or larger than the 600 MW. Does NIPSCO have a preferred average resource size (MW or MWh)?

Answer: NIPSCO does not have a preferred size for any resource. The RFP does require that assets be qualified to receive Zonal Resource Credits in or delivered to MISO Local Resource Zone 6 consistent with MISO’s Module E Planning Resource Auction or successor. Demand Resources must be at least 10 MW in size.

AGR 00002
Published On: 05/25/2018

Question: RE: 12.1 Definitive Agreement Collateral and Operating Security Requirements The collateral amount is listed as $/kW - Is that nameplate or the capacity value of the asset?

Answer: Final collateral amounts will be determined when executing definitive agreements.  Bidders should assume collateral requirements are based on the capacity value (UCAP / ZRC) of the assets. 

AGR 00003
Published On: 06/12/2018

Question: I previously had asked when the "Key Commercial Term Sheet" would be provided to respondents and was answered that the document is Appendix F. However, Appendix F is the full PPA document and doesn't contain any language about a "Key Commercial Term Sheet." Can you please clarify what needs to be marked up and where that specific form is found? Language from the RFP instructions I'm referring to are below. "Respondents submitting a Proposal in the form of a PPA must submit a mark-up of the Form of Purchase Power Agreement Key Commercial Term Sheet provided in association with this RFP."

Answer: NIPSCO intends to execute a PPA agreement with winning suppliers generally consistent with the EEI Master Power Purchase & Sale Agreement as provided as Appendix F.  NIPSCO is amenable to alternative structures for the PPA.  Bidders that require material deviations from that agreement should propose redlines as part of the RFP response.  The economic terms and conditions of a bidders proposal should be included as part of the bid submission.

AGR 00004
Published On: 06/12/2018

Question: In the RFP Evaluation Criteria document, Section 2.1 descrbes a point system for proposals with negative NPV. What is the baseline for this caluculation (in other words, negative NPV as compared to what scenario)?

Answer: Proposals will be evaluated based on the proposed project's revenues and costs.  Revenues will be based on NIPSCO modeling of the MISO market and past history.  The project NPV will consider the transaction price, expected capital expenditures and operating costs as well as other facility specific costs.