Northern Indiana Public Service Company ("NIPSCO")

Northern Indiana Public Service Company LLC (“NIPSCO”) does business in the State of Indiana as a regulated public utility and generates, transmits and distributes electricity for sale in Indiana and the broader Midcontinent Independent System Operator, Inc. (“MISO”) regional electricity market. NIPSCO, headquartered in Merrillville, IN, is one of the six energy distribution companies of NiSource Inc. (NYSE: NI). NIPSCO currently serves approximately 483,000 electric customers across the northern third of Indiana. NIPSCO’s electric portfolio consists of approximately 3,365 megawatts (“MW”) of generation capacity and over 12,800 miles of transmission and distribution lines in Indiana. NIPSCO owns a mix of generating resources consisting of coal-fired, natural gas-fired, wind, solar, and hydroelectric plants. For more information, refer to NIPSCO’s website at

2024 Requests for Proposals

NIPSCO is committed to meeting the energy needs of its customers today and in the future. In 2024, NIPSCO will issue four (4) separate RFPs as detailed below. Together RFP 1 and RFP 2 will be considered an All-Source solicitation process.

RFP 1: Intermittent RFP for LRZ6 Resources

This RFP will target up to 400 MW of renewable resources. At this time, NIPSCO has a strong preference for hybrid capacity resources (renewable resources paired with storage). However, the company will accept bids from standalone renewable resources that may be amenable to storage expansion at a later date.

RFP 2: Non-Intermittent RFP for LRZ6 Resources

This RFP will target up to 600 MW of thermal, standalone storage (including long duration storage) and other emerging technologies or capacity resources. In addition to standalone project options, under this RFP NIPSCO is looking to identify an EPC/development partner to construct storage resources at the Schahfer station and Michigan City station utilizing MISO’s generator replacement interconnection process and other NIPSCO renewable sites utilizing existing or surplus interconnection rights.

RFP 3: Bridge Capacity Solutions

A separate solicitation process to identify options for 600-1,000 MW of capacity or capacity and energy resources that could be available within 18 to 36 months. The RFP is designed to position NIPSCO to respond to potential near-term, incremental load opportunities. Resources could be short-term, 36 to 60 month bridge solutions or longer-term resource options.

RFP 4: Distributed Energy Resources

A separate solicitation process through which NIPSCO is looking to identify up to 10 MW of DER capacity. NIPSCO is considering only supply-side resources under this RFP. Demand Response bids will not be considered at this time. Projects must qualify for support under at least one of the Inflation Reduction Act’s bonus incentive categories - Energy Communities, Low-Income Communities or Low-Income Economic Benefit Project.

CRA International (“CRA”)

NIPSCO has retained Charles River Associates (“CRA”) to manage the RFP processes for the purpose of creating the four RFPs and soliciting responses. CRA will also serve as the independent third party to evaluate all Proposals on behalf of NIPSCO.

Several important milestone dates for the RFP processes are shown below:

Issue RFP May 1, 2024
Bidder Information Session May 6, 2024
Pre-Qualification Deadline May 15, 2024
Notification of Pre-qualification May 20, 2024
Proposals Due for RFP 1-3 June 7, 2024
Proposals Due for RFP 4 June 20, 2024
Bid Evaluation Completed (tentative) Q3 2024
Definitive Agreements Signed with Bidders Q4 2024